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Essay example - European Union Law structure

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Since the failure of the Constitution of the European Union in May 2005 which came from the refusal by several countries led by the example of France, the debate over the status of the "European group of countries" has never been so fierce. Josephine Steiner states that "an express "federal" goal was dropped from the final draft of The Treaty of European Union; nevertheless, there can be no doubt that The Union constitutes, at the very least, an embryonic federation"…

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One of the most obvious examples of a unitary state is United Kingdom. Also called a constitutional monarchy, UK is governed as one single unit. The Government is led by a Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers who enforce executive power on behalf of the Queen. The political power of UK government can transfer political powers to lower levels, regionally or locally elected assemblies, governors or mayors but the central government retains the principal right to recall such delegated power (Wikipedia Unitary State and United Kingdom)
A federal State is composed of different self-governing regions often called states which are united by a federal government. The self-governing status of the states is constitutionally entrenched and can not be altered by a decision made by the central government. Even though the sovereignty of each state is constitutionally granted, a federal state is not only a group of independent states. ...
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