Vipere au Poing

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This essay is on the comparison of Herve Bazin’s first novel of a trilogy, ‘Vipere au poing’ published in 1948 and a 2005 remake of the movie that was first made in the early 70s, the 2005 remake is directed by Phillip de Broca and is almost exactly similar to the older version. …


Conclusively, the movie Viper in the Fist was far from the depiction portrayed by Bazin in his book in more ways than one, the missing characters imperative to Bazin’s storyline such as Jean’s relationship with the girl he had sexual intercourse with the emotional exchanges that the characters had with one another is lost in the translation of the book towards the movie. The movie with its visual and auditory power that is able to stimulate and engage the audience did not fully perforate into the deeper psychological stigma that Jean had faced growing up with his brothers under the tyrannical hand of their mother. The movie translation also lost the deeper more signifying elements of the book and created subtle disparages on the line of the book to the extent that the movie is reminiscent of a children’s movie. ...
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