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Article example - Cognitive Psychology

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Psychology is an important subject these days in determining our daily life actions. It not only helps to understand the actions of others but also helps one to act according to what is required by an individual. Psychology addresses the overall problems in this world…

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This article describes the different psychological aspects of how children tend to lie and whether the adults are able to determine if the child is lying or not. It explains a child's psychology that with age a child starts to determine the concepts and thinking of adults and hence he can successfully lie. In this respect a lengthy research was conducted in which children from the age group of 10 to 13 were chosen and they were interviewed. These interviews were videotaped and shown to observers who were then questioned and data was collected from them to reach to a final result to determine the different verbal and non verbal aspects of a child's lying and whether the adults could accurately find out if the child was lying or not.
The results of the research showed that prepared lies were difficult to be caught than unprepared ones and the reason for this being that the children are able to think and plan the details before lying. It also showed that they could more easily know that the child is telling the truth but it is difficult for them to judge whether he is lying. And last but not the least adults were not good at determining the child's deception. ...
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