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Assignment example - Child-Centered Curriculum

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The curriculum theory is correlated with the different views of education philosophy proposed by some people such as Herbert Kliebard, Michael Stephen Schiro, and John Dewey. Specifically, this paper tackles John Dewey's view of psychologizing the curriculum…

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Thus, he uses four instincts to determine the character of the child. These are social, constructive, expressive, and artistic. Moreover, he accentuates that in every instinct, there's a corresponding curriculum that best suits the child.
At first sight, John Dewey's child-centered curriculum may looked biased. However, I see it more effective rather than the philosophy proposed by disciplinarists who are main skeptics of John Dewey's belief. I discern that giving importance to a child's' decision help them restrain unnecessary actions and make them more responsible in their own lives. It not only set a perception where they are trusted but also divulge things they are capable of doing. Students, in able to be more effective should know what they really want. This will help them decide which field to pursue. Here, they are more assured to keep on track because they go in the path that interests them. As a shift manager, I seldom put my team under pressure. I motivate them through engaging them with healthy challenges, achievements and fair recognitions.
As aforementioned above, I am sensitive to my team's' feelings rather than the goal. If truth be told, my management style varies towards different people just like curriculum towards students. In my job, I tend to handle different people. Same with John Dewey's treatment to students, I prefer giving my team the right to discover their individuality beyond rules and regulations. ...
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