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History of Mathematics - Essay Example

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History of Mathematics

For instance, with the use of sequence, one may be able to solve how many pairs of rabbits will be produced annually assuming that each pair reproduces a new pair monthly with the new pair becoming productive starting from the second month (Boyer & Merzbach 256). Furthermore, the sequence may be applied to phyllotaxy or growth patterns of plant leaves as they spiral up the stem or trunk. With the sequence, the plant may not have to be stripped to determine the age or rings of the trunk ("Wikipedia").
The Dark Ages refers to the period in the Middle Ages to the first few centuries after the fall of Rome when knowledge including those pertaining to mathematics is said to deteriorate. This is evidenced by the textbooks used by Church schools in the Middle Ages were based on the primitive works of Cassiodorus and Isidore of Seville and featured limited coverage of arithmetic of Boethius. The only use of mathematics identified was for ecclesiastical calendars and growth in mathematical knowledge is limited to the representation of number by means of the fingers. (Boyer & Merzbach 249)
This period is dubbed as the Dark Ages to reflect the loss of enlightenment provided by classical learning and prevalence of ignorance and barbarism (Hirsch, Kett & Trefil). ...Show more


Fibonacci is actually Leonardo of Pisa who is deemed as one of, if not, the greatest mathematician in the medieval period. Despite his achievements, Fibonacci may be considered under-rated by his peers during his time due to the fact that his work is said to be far more advanced such that his contemporaries did not have full grasp of his assertions…
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History of Mathematics essay example
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History of Mathematics Essay
The number seven had been thought of as a special number for perfection in many early cultures. The idea may be from the seven stars or planets that name the days of the week: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn (What is the Origin of the Seven Day Week).
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But if you read, you would end up earning immense wealth of information. The way the mathematicians worked to solve problems are clearly given and in particular, it says about how mathematics has become an integral part of our day to day life. It is the perfect guide for anyone who knows well about the basics of mathematics.
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The Rhind papyrus, an Egyptian document written in about 1650 B.C., contains the earliest known reference to the problem of squaring the circle. In its "solution," the papyrus assumes the value of pi to be 3.16. Antiphon the Sophist introduced an important concept during this time.
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The way that a number is presented by counting rods is called the rod numeral system. The Chinese Rod Numeral System has only 9 numerals that can be represented in two ways depending on their position. It uses the decimal place value system for values greater than 10.
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On the other hand, such places as India, Japan, Mesoamerica were a little bit isolated in later periods of universal history because of colonization (Cajori 86). The core of the numeral system was Brahmi numerals and positional notation. Further this system was adopted by Arabs and improved.
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History of Mathematics
His mother, Adelaide Marie Demante, was an educated woman and served as Galois’s sole teacher until he entered school at the age of 12. She gave him a solid background in Greek and Latin, but also passed on her own
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As far as the history of mathematics is concerned, the same can be traced back to 3000 BCE. The Base-60 place value system started to develop within Mesopotamia and the Egyptians used the base-10 for grouping different numbering systems. This was the time when Harappan civilization was getting its roots firm within India.
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History of Mathematics
For example in Egypt mathematics was used in the survey and measurement, and hence the estimates of the value of pi were founded in Egypt1. However, the early mathematics relied on trial
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History Of Mathematics
He is best remembered for his contributions to the number theory in mathematics, and his responsibility as a clearing center for communication between reputed scientists and philosophers (Bernstein, 1996). Rene Descartes and Pierre de Fermat might
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