Poems of Miguel de Unamuno and Miguel Hernandez

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In "Cancin del esposo soldado" (song of the soldier husband), the poet Miguel Hernandez describes the feelings of a soon-to-be father who is away as a soldier. We find a first person narrator, a soldier who is addressing his pregnant wife while he is at war.


This poem was published in Viento del Pueblo in 1937, in the context of the Spanish civil war that started in 1936.
The language used alludes to the themes of love, war, victory, life and death, and fatherhood. The title of the poem "Cancin del esposo soldado" (song of the soldier husband), tells us about the main character of the poem and the lyrical form. It is a poem versed in eleven four-versed stanzas. In each stanza, the first three verses are 14 syllabic and the last verse is 7 syllabic. In Spanish metric, this combination is called a "Serventesio". The metric changes in the last two stanzas though, where all four verses complete the 14 syllabus. It has consonant rhyme (e.g. sementera/espera, respondo/fondo), and its metric scheme is: ABAB.
The first stanza refers to the conception of the son, but the poet describes the sexual union not as the culmination of pleasure, but as an inevitable and natural act of reproduction. "I have prolonged the echo of blood which I stand for" (he prolongado el eco de sangre a que respondo), then he goes on to describe his wife who has conceived in the next stanza, he alludes to her as a tall dark-skinned woman; giving the image of her as a "pregnant deer". The presence of nature is again used by the poet.
In the third stanza, he compares her to a crystal that could break any minute "you seem a delicate crystal to me alre ...
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