Emersons Nature

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1. Nature is a great world which can just partially studied by people. Ancient philosophers tried to explain the essence of Nature and give notion of limits of our knowledge about Nature, and their views influenced both our position on nature and the work of Emerson Nature.


2. As is seen from Emerson's work Nature, his approach to natural world is rather idealistic. Nature has a strong relation to divine creation of God, and therefore must be considered as an ideal world. It is not easy for us to see Nature - only children have this ability as their view is natural and virgin. We can consider Nature as a mirror of our spirit as Nature is a real expression of human spirit.
Emerson expresses Nature as perfect technology of God, and as people are part of Nature, it should satisfy their needs. Nature gains benefit for people, and even numerous natural calamities are given to us as the result of our behavior. Nature is a real reflection of a human soul, and it has a real linkage with humanity. Art is a reflection of Nature, and human art and self-expression is harmoniously connected with Nature. There is a strong linkage between morality, spirit and Nature. The sense of Nature can be expressed with poetic magical language, and scientific mathematical language fails to express Nature. Emerson also underlined that Nature is real truth, and this truth cannot be limited or wrongly-expressed by people. Nature is initially presented by God as ideal and rational order, and parts of this order are tightly connected to each other. People can influence Nature only by God's will, so we can create nature, but this creation is an expression of the will of God. ...
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