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Essay example - Pricing Strategies

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Pricing is a major component of the 4Ps and is an essential element of any marketing strategy. Setting the price too high can lose sales and market appeal. Setting the price too low can erode profits and drive a product out of the market. The ZC gemstone is presented with a unique situation in which the product has not been offered to the buyers before…

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Competition-based pricing would allow the ZC gemstone to enter the market at a known acceptable price. It would provide the flexibility to offer prices at or slightly below the competitors. This would eliminate the need for market research. It would also gain immediate market share from the competition upon launch of the product.
Competition-based pricing would also tie the price to the overall market. That would benefit the company by taking advantage of increased profits when the market went up and continuing to sell as the overall market dropped. Because the product does offer a unique quality advantage, ZC could be priced slightly higher than the competition. However, Finlay et al. (1996) warns, "[...] consumers may easily isolate products which are overpriced and disregard them in their buying decision making process" (p.73).
When using a competition-based pricing strategy, there needs to be considerations made for cost and survivability. If the price is set below the competition's lowest price, it may be below the cost of manufacturing it. It should be noted that in a competition based pricing strategy, the price will be set by the "least sophisticated or most aggressive competitor" (Docters 2003 p.18). In an attempt to eliminate the competition, it may drive ZC out of business. ...
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