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The service project took place in conjunction with the 10th Annual Oklahoma Buddhist Association Conference co-sponsored by the Owen Wimberly Center for Continuing Education in Religion at Oklahoma City University. The conference took place at the Meinders School of Business at OCU on October 4th, 2008.


The primary contact for the conference was Maurice Hoover. As far as planning of the conference most of it was already completed when we arrived, after we were informed as to where the various sessions would take place, all that was required was to help direct people and attend the lectures, which was quite interesting and very helpful. We also assisted in setting up chairs and other minor logistical issues. At the end we did help clean up and we left at around 5:30.
The name of the conference where our service project took place was called "Equanimity: Maintaining Balance." The conference itself gave me much insight into the nature of Buddhism at least as it is practiced in the United States. Our classroom preparation on Buddhism gave me some familiarity with some of the terms they used, such as the sangha and the types of meditation. I was also aware, through my previous classroom experience, the deference paid to the leaders of the conference. In this reflection paper I will try to explain what I learned during this service project not only about Buddhism as a religion, but the way in which religion is understood and practiced and I hope to explain what I learned about myself as well.
One thing I immediately learned is how different religions adjust to the culture in which they are practiced. ...
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