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The advantages and disadvantages of women in police

It was, of course, the same male police administration that had refused over the years to assign women to general patrol and there by had blocked police women's access to the required experience2. However this trend could not be continued for long and they had to give the opportunity to women police. Finally when women were given the opportunity, as a result of Federal law mandating equal opportunity regardless of gender or race, to perform general police work and serve on patrol, they demonstrated their fitness for police work.
Statistics point out certain facts about women police. In 2001, women accounted for only 12.7% of all sworn law enforcement positions in large agencies, 8.1% in small and rural agencies3, and 14.4% in federal agencies. Even though women gained an average of roughly half a percentage point per year within large police agencies from 1972 to 1999, there is increasing evidence that this trend is now reversed. For instance, the representation of women in large police agencies in 2000 and 2001 in reality declined from the year before i.e. from 14.3% in 1999 and 13.0% in 2000 to 12.7% in 2001. ...
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If we scan through the early history of women police it can be said that they consisted mainly of social service in which women were expected to meet higher standards for police employment. Unfortunately they received lower wages and were restricted to a special unit or bureau, and were assigned mainly to clerical, juvenile, guard duty and vice work1…
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