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I was also fascinated in finding out how things work. My curiosity pushed me further to teach myself a number of trades and techniques mostly by observing, experiencing and adapting, improving or adding value. These years and experiences had a tremendous effect and benefit for me in my career and personal life. We are taught that no one is born a leader, we rather learn to practice leadership and even though this theory is convincing, I have always believed in other elements that shape us as individuals; our environment, family, happiness, hardships, success, failures our friends and of course our genes. My interest in learning and reading came late, about 10 years ago. I can't explain what sparked it but I started reading History and moved on to politics and business. I also began attending seminars related to many different industries. My career path has been very rewarding to me even though there was no long-term planning or any grand scheme on my part. I just realized opportunities and went into each one determined to leave it better than when I went into it. I guess I have reached a stage in my life where I need to experience more, learn more and focus my energy into something structured, specific and worthwhile. I have an urgent need to learn more give more and share more. Right since my first job, planning and implementation along with research have been my principal duties. ...
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As you correctly assume in your question most would want to gain their MBA qualifications to advance their career. For me it's much more than career objectives. It's about self fulfillment and personal challenges. In my adolescence and into my adulthood I was never interested in academics…
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