Strategic management leadership

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Strategic management is considered as significant tools for organization to use in withstanding the complex and dynamic business world in which they operate. Apparently, this management tool is usually associated with the private sector, but it is now a significant tool used by public sector organizations to cope with the uncertainties and ever changing political environment in which they operate.


Fro public organizations to cope with this trend and demand of the present time, there is the need that it adopt a strategic management so as to effectively utilize its resources in meeting immediate objectives and long term goals.
Strategic management is then seen as a rational planning process to enable an organization operates more effectively in its environment. To this end, Armitage (1992), define it as a continuous process that works to fit an organization into its changing environment. Thus, strategic management is broader in concept than strategic planning; it entails both strategic planning, which a long term is planning process, and strategic decision, which decisions are taken without consideration to the length of term frame.
The strategic management pattern of every organization may differ from what is obtainable in another. While there are areas of similarities, certain aspects are uniquely structured out to suit the operation of the organization in concern. Thus, this essay would compare and contracts on strategic management techniques adopted by two case studies, i.e. Office of Real Property Service (ORPS) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). ...
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