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Essay example - Diversity paper

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The diversity debate has shifted from the moral obligation of affirmative action to a business imperative. CEOs, faced with intense competition in global markets, record numbers of mergers and acquisitions, and the global war for talent, are focusing on how to leverage diversity as their competitive differentiator…

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The emergence of diversity in the workplace has been brought about by the rapid changes and development in the domestic and global market. This current workforce strategy is seen as business organization's response in coming with the demands of the new business environment. Diversity hiring is the new trend in choosing the employees to work for an organization. As more and more companies are embracing this new system, more reports and empirical evidences are also reported which support direct hiring. This is their way of aligning their resources to take advantage of the present opportunities, generate revenues, increase market share, and squeeze more profits from their sales. Diversity in the workforce had also increased retention, recruitment, and promotion of employees as well as decreased litigation and complaints.
This paper further look at how a business organization benefits from utilizing a diversified workforce. The rationale in favoring a human resource with different origins, backgrounds, interests, and status is fairly simple: diversity will is able to pool together various talents, ideas, skills, and knowledge which serves the highly diversified market served by a business institutions. The task then of an organization is to efficiently manage the different behavior of employees in a diversified workforce. ...
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