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Music Market

Increases the thought as to whether or not the availability of illegal digital music online has an affect on the traditional music delivery sales.
Thus driving the music industries marketing developers into over coming such possible downfalls in the traditional music delivery sale statistics and push for a contemporary style of integrating tradition and modernism into an approach that will appeal to the higher and lower income groups, therefore hopefully decreasing the consumers need to illegally acquire their favorite tunes online and buy at a nominal subscription fee.
The Australian music industry has been performing experiments within the online music industry, by various companies fighting to stay alive and keep up with the technological storm. Various online stores such as HMV ( and Sanity (, JB Hi-Fi (, Chaos Music (, Whammo ( and the Dick Smith Electronics ( have and are been supplied with downloadable music by a hosting company called Destra ( In April 2004, ninemsn had launched their music download service ( and other telecommunications
companies such as Telstra ( have been also experimenting within a sim ...
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Due to the continually growing strength the digital music market is beginning to develop upon the Australian and global music markets and the repercussions it may have on the traditional music delivery sales such as CD's and DVD's is a world-wide concern affecting the music industry at a whole.
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