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It is said that the British modern sports are part of the educational ideas and started as a branch of curriculum to improve student friendship, competition, health and communication. From there, it has come a long way and today, it is difficult to see that uncomplicated face of sports any more.


Politics, history, sociology, economy, accounting, media, entertainment, nationalism, racism, gender issues, drug abuse and unhealthy competition have all become part of almost all the sports. No doubt there are many negative aspects; but there still remain a few very positive factors in every form of sports that makes it divine even today. The pure competition, the thrill of enjoyment of playing and watching both do not fail to take us back to the days of Athens sports when sports was played for crystal clear enjoyment and sporting spirit. It has also become a rich language of nationalism and differentiation. It represents the national aspirations and standoffishness both. The pride involved is because of the nationalistic dimension, which sometimes can go overboard, if not properly controlled. When we talk about the controlling, we unwittingly venture into the arena of Sports Law.
Today, sports come under the banner of social psychology and its theories of communication, inclusion and wellbeing of the society. A society which encourages sports activities at any levels like regional, national and international, is regarded as a healthy society that can face playful, ethical and healthy challenges. ...
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