The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren

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With over 20 million copies sold, The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren is one of the leading books about religion and spirituality in the modern times. This book is actually a 40-day spiritual journey that aims to transform the reader's perception about his purpose in this world and how his religion plays a vital part in this process.


It should also be highlighted that this book is not only aimed at a particular Christian denomination, say Protestant or Catholic, rather the author tackles a universal theme that most, if not all, churches can relate to.
The book is divided into six major portions. The first part provides an overview on how one should perceive his purpose in life. In this chapter, Warren asserts that what is of utmost importance to human beings as God's creation is to know God's purpose in our lives. In this regard, our greatest achievement is to live for God's glory and purpose. With this, it should be realized that it is important to focus on God and in know His purpose for us. Focusing on ourselves, as what other instructional books suggest, would never reveal this purpose.
In the five remaining chapters, Warren discusses the five basic purposes of our lives. The first purpose pertains to our glorifying God by worshipping Him. The type of worship that Warren refers is the one which is motivated by our love, gratitude and delight in God. We are able to glorify God by worshipping Him not only out of duty or obligation but wholeheartedly.
The second purpose is to glorify God by loving other believers. ...
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