The objectives of any international organization are identical to the objectives of that organizations strongest member Discuss.

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International organizations, the pillars of global governance, are the official sources of global amity that would keep all member nations in good humor. When we think of a democratic system, we normally interpret it as a governing system of the people, for the people and by the people.


In this backdrop, the objectives of global / international organizations should be in tune with both the ideology and requirements of majority of the member nations to see that the results of their programs and policies would benefit majority nations. Simply speaking, international organizations should strive to fulfill the aspirations of majority of the world population. But, as in most of the democratic countries, most of the international organizations too have been conspicuously playing to the tunes of their richest and strongest member nations downgrading their very global objectives. But it may be wrong to say that the 'objectives of any international organization are identical to those of its strongest members'. It can be true with most of the organizations but certainly you may find some exceptions.
Each and every international organization is formed with certain highest global objectives. For that matter, no international organization's objectives can be localized or regionalized as the very purpose is global and international. The United Nations Organization (UNO) tops the list of international organizations and its objectives are crystal clear. When the UNO was formed in 1945 after the disastrous World War II, its objectives were boldly declared. ...
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