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Essay example - The lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring: a review of Peter Jacksons rendition of the book into film

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When watching films that are adapted from existing and oftentimes well-known and well-loved works of literature, the film's faithfulness to the original work is something that is often desired and expected, but seldom seen fulfilled. A viewer of the film adaptation who is also familiar with the original work leaves the theater either satisfied that there is at least an effort to make the film adaptation approximate the spirit of the original work, or disappointed at the liberties taken by the filmmaker…

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The film and the written word are two essentially different media; translating the written work word-for-word into the visual medium of film is almost next to impossible. If a film like, say, Gone with the Wind had been utterly faithful to the novel, it would have taken six hours, or even more. Factors like production costs, film length and the target audience need to be considered in adapting a written work after all.
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings is generally regarded as a gem of literature. As Dibbell put it in his essay, "[t]hat The Lord of the Rings belongs among the most important works of modern Western literature is not an unheard-of notion." Berardinelli wrote that Tolkein is considered the Father of Modern Fantasy, and that the three-volume book, along with its prequel The Hobbit, brought the fantasy genre up as a major literary category in its own right. He adds that almost all published authors of fantasy lists Tolkien as one of their influences.
The epic scope of The Lord of the Rings makes it daunting for any filmmaker to bring it to the silver screen. ...
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