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Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi-Ali

Reading Hirsi-Ali's accounts of her own mutilation were eerily frightening. I believe her as an author and her victim account of the horrid experience. It is the concept that is so unbelievable. Hence, my two pronged answer. Approximately three years ago a Muslim radical, after shooting the filmmaker Theo van Gogh dead on a street in Amsterdam attached a letter to the deceased van Gogh's chest with a knife. The letter was addressed to Ayaan Hirsi-Ali. It demanded a holy war and moreover, demanded her death. This was Hirsi-Ali's illustrious introduction to Americans. Thus again I state that I believe every word that she states. But to this student, the horror is unbelievable.
The meandering, violence-filled path which guided Hirsi Ali from Somalia to the Netherlands is the meat of this story. This book is the diary of her journey. This journey indeed seems unbelievable. Infidel which is defined as literally, "one without faith" is also one who doubts or rejects central tenets of a religion, especially those regarding its deities. More generally, an infidel is one who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system, or principle. The title of this book is aptly named. Interestingly, though, Hirsi Ali describes the journey of one from religion into reason. ...
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The book that was selected to read for this course is "Infidel" by the notorious Ayaan Hirsi-Ali. I say notorious in a positive light. What this woman has accomplished due to her own courage is superhuman, but it is her ability to describe her fights and her choices in this book that earn her the right to be known as notorious…
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