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Though the natives often outnumbered them, they had superior weaponry and tactics and overtook the empires in search of precious metals.
Anne Hutchinson was a female who confronted the Puritan leadership in the 1630s on issues that were theologically based. Her presence polarized the population and she was banished and excommunicated in 1637 by the male Puritan leaders (92). She settled in Rhode Island where her followers continued the split in the church that she had started.
The Puritans were a religious group that believed the Church of England was tainted by the Roman church and wished to 'purify' it by ridding it of all traces of Catholicism. In addition to being religious reformers, they also rejected the social changes that was sweeping over England at the time and found religion to be a way to confront them (89).
During the 1630s, the Puritans believed that they had a destiny to be the rulers of the New World and should conquer and civilize the native savages. They were spurred on by epidemics of smallpox that they interpreted as God's will. Pressured for more land, they sought to rule over the natives leading to the Piquet War of 1637 against the Piquet Indians. This victory gave the Puritans a solid foothold and assured the future of British domination (94).
The immigrants to the Chesapeake Bay faced a difficult time upon their arrival. ...
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The Pre-Columbian period refers to the time before Columbus and the European exploratory voyages invaded the Americas in the 1490s. Through this time, the Americas were populated by people that began a migration to the area approximately 35,000 years earlier (4)…
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