consumer bahaviour

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Understanding consumers' decision making requires careful attention to the context in which the decision occurs. Context can be understood at micro (immediate) and macrolevels. All behaviours occur in some specific context, which includes the immediate physical environment and the social environment (presence and influence of other people, including friends, relatives, and sales people).


The research was conducted on Thursday and Friday, in the afternoon and the evenings of the weekend. The reason for research at Gucci is simple, had we chosen a common store, we would have made numerous efforts to judge people as it is hard to find differences in people's behaviour at a lower level, but at Gucci, a particular society enters to buy the expensive items, so it is a lot of fun to measure how they look for something and what particular thing about Gucci changes their facial expressions. The place is excellent for people who prefer to stay fashionable and who have got the buying power. The store does not cater every one as its target audience but those who can really afford the high prices, further once the customer enters, the staff prefers to look at the customer from top to bottom but it has got its own charm. It is important to describe the outlook of the store first. The store seems to be transparent as there is just a glass with an entrance door, upon entering the shelves are carrying bags straight ahead. People do complain about the staff as the staff is really rude especially if it sees that the customer does not look like an interested buyer but nevertheless the staff greets upon entrance. ...
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