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Analysing the Environment Burden of Your Diet

The main objectives of the issue to be analyzed are what impact our food consumption has on the agricultural production. What changes can we bring in our daily diet so that the growing burden on our environment can be minimized. The diet consumed by different age groups as well as the gender differs greatly. The people who are involved in physical form of labor surely need a different and a healthier diet as compared to the ones who are not physically that active.
We seriously need to examine the degradation of the environment, the consumption of nonrenewable resources, population growth and the possible decline in prosperity. Reduction of population density would ensure individual prosperity and quality environment for future generations.
Today's consumption pattern of the world is undermining the base of the environmental resources and putting a great burden on it. The existing consumption pattern especially seen in certain countries can put great stain on the environment and its natural resources, which can have serious impact on the world society. ...
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For most of this century, leading scientists, public officials and various organizations have shown concerns that the rapidly growing population is the major reason for putting stress on the environmental degradation and resources. One cannot deny the fact that the large populations in many countries of the world do have an impact on the resources because the demand is greater.
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