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Kiosk is relatively a new technology that has been started to be used with Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems in environments like retail stores, check out counters etc. The purpose of using kiosks is considered to be two fold - it not only attracts the customers due to its attractive layout and features; but also develops a self service culture that in turn allows the company to reduce head counts by relying on technology to make transactions with speed, reliability and accuracy, and getting rid of extra staff that adds to overheads.


Kiosk point-of-sale systems provide 24 x 7 availability to the customers where they can make transactions in an easy, user-friendly manner. The ease, with which transactions can be made, provides an important element towards an organization's ability to attract customers; as the customers look for user-friendly and always available systems that can take care of their needs. Kiosk promises to be the technological advancement that can take care of this need. In addition, kiosks provide customers with product information and interactive features that improves the overall image of the company in customers' minds. Kiosks are available in various types and for various purposes. Ranging from a simple cash register to a complex and integrated ATM (Automated Teller Machine), kiosks are believed to improve customer relationships, reduce headcounts for manual/ traditional operations, to take benefit of technology boom, to achieve accuracy and efficiency in operations and to improve customers' perception about the company by providing various marketing and product/ services information on the kiosk terminals.
This research will concentrate on evaluating the use of kiosks at var ...
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