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Ford motors: Impact of Culture on International Business

32). As in the Chinese culture, distance is higher; therefore, the employers at higher posts do not make decision by consulting the employees. This fact has been recognized at Ford and the power distance is lesser in US based industries as well as Ford that makes the employees to share the ideas, bringing more innovation to the firm.
Collectivism is the dimension reflecting the formation of strong groups within societies supporting each other since the start. On the other hand in individualism an individual has to look after his or herself. This dimension has been applied in Ford as the employees and employers help each other in different ways so as to solve the conflicts that might be creating problems (Rugman, 2005, p. 12).
The dimension of masculinity versus femininity reflects the distribution of roles between genders within a society. The dimension of short term orientation versus short term orientation refers to the following of moral values including social relation obligations as well as respect for the tradition that is reflected in individuals with short term orientation.
The success of any organization is truly reflected by innovative minds that it has. For the innovation the main factor that works is the risk taking minds or uncertainty. ...
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Impact of culture on business is by far the most especially for organizations that have dealings on an offshore basis. These are the firms that have to come in contact with the cross cultural buyers as well as suppliers and this makes the need of knowledge of the basic points related to different cultures more than necessary.
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