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Governance of international football - Essay Example

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With the raising global awareness about the issues of good governance, the world of sports has equally come under discussion. The contemporary writers tend to be more concerned about the concept of governance in the international sports. When talking about sports, football has always remained in limelight primarily because of the effective functioning of the football governing bodies like FIFA and UEFA…

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Governance of international football

To logically comprehend the gist of the topic, it is mandatory to understand the concept of governance, a word quite in vogue in the contemporary world. One of the reasons behind the adoption of governance through different fields like international relations, politics and sports is because of the space of authority and need of monitory force in every aspect of human life. Stated differently, no field in the scene of human existence is devoid of the need for controlling and managing forces.
The concept of governance has gone through a constant phase of transition through the passage of time. Previously reckoned as the responsibility of a solitary authoritative body, governance today stands for a collaborative work of local authorities, public departments and voluntary organizations. This changing concept of governance is based on the notion of governance as a steering force which means that the responsibilities of governing bodies keep changing and the modern way of governing is by the delegation of responsibilities rather than the concentration of the duties in a single authoritative body. ...
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