Information Communication Technologies Strategies

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The success of organizations depends to a large extent on their ability to acquire/create process, manage and distribute information. In today's competitive business world, effective and efficient management of information has been an obligation in any organization in order to achieve core competency.


Management Information System is the solution to streamline a business through effective information management and decision making. The aim of this project is to design and implement a new improved management information system to serve Chelsea Hotel is owned by Crimson Hotels, which is a fast-growing hotel group, with properties in key locations in the UK, Portugal and UAE currently encompass a prototype management information system, however, its not as effective and efficient as it should be. There are many faults for instance; it doesn't provide all required information and documents, and inefficient data storage space. In addition Chelsea Hotel is finding difficulties in upgrading and solving solutions faced with the software due to its prototype nature Chelsea's current management information system doesn't contain a help wizard to assist in tasks and problem solving.
In an environment of increasing regulation and litigation establishing transparent, reliable and complete information management practices and quality information is critical for business success and sustainability
Computers are probably the most efficient and effective place to store and manage information. ...
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