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"how does the power of the media affect Chance, and how does his consumption of media affect itself" - Essay Example

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"how does the power of the media affect Chance, and how does his consumption of media affect itself"

Chance is a total product of this broadcasting style, and as such is the darling of the televised world as it feeds on the incestual nature of the meaningless clich.
The constant and total exposure to television had left Chance existing in a world that in fact did not exist. Chance can turn the world on and off as he wishes. We see in his thoughts the ethereal quality of his world when he muses, "As long as one didn't look at people, they did not exist. They began to exist, as on TV, when one turned ones eyes on them." (14). The world, like television, did not exist if it wasn't being watched. Chance did not exist, except when viewed by the few servants of the house and then only in brief encounters. The death of the Old Man would change all that. He would now go out into the public and be viewed and in doing so would be brought into existence. His persona would be the barren mind of inane comments and meaningless chatter. Television, like the people it has molded, would be anxious to attach deep meaning to the most baseless comments.
The self-promoting arrogance of television purports to know what should be important and feeds the public a steady diet of sound bites. ...
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In Jerzy Kosinski's book Being There, the lead character is a vacant man devoid of substance and character. Raised from childhood in isolation, his only knowledge of the world has come from his relationship with television. His entire mentality is a one-dimensional clich of meaningless drivel and is often no more than the repeated words of the people he converses with…
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