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Media in Saudi Arabia

Basically, every government is made up of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. This is also the case with Saudi Arabia. The executive is made up of the King who is also the prime minister and other two deputy prime ministers together with the cabinet which is appointed by the king and is composed mainly of members of the royal family. The legislature is simply made up of the Consultative Council which is150 member committee which is headed by a chairman chosen by the king himself. All the other members are also selected by the king but in 2003, it was announced that there were plans to hold elections for half of the membership of the committee as a way of enhancing democracy. The judiciary is represented by the Supreme Council of Justice which makes sure that the law is implemented (Metz, 2004: pp48-53). This paper seeks to analyze Saudi Arabia with special emphasis on the media in general. The paper will describe the role of the media, its freedom, its regulation and many other issues surrounding the Saudi media in general.
Saudi Arabia has evolved over time from being the most pious and inward-looking underdeveloped desert kingdom to become one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the fast oil resource. ...
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia otherwise simply called Saudi Arabia is a monarchy- the monarch or king is both the head of state and head of government. In other words the king is also the Prime Minister. Saudi Arabia has its capital city in Riyadh and it became a republic on 23 September 1932.The country is governed by the Islamic law which forms the basic law which was publicized in 1992…
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