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Essay example - Human Resource Learning and Development

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The world of cinematography has taken a new turn with the inception of high quality print available to the viewers either on DVDs or in the Cinema hall. But since DVDs are usually launched quite a while later and it fine print and high quality movie with a good atmosphere is only available to the audience only in the cinema, the stake of making a high quality print movie is higher now…

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(Lucas, 1994)
Having an interest in this industry, I along with my group have chosen our topic (how to splice 35mm film) to explain that how the cinema's employees are trained to do that job with their other responsibilities. From the outset a layman would believe that this is a very easy job however when a person actually involves oneself into it, the job doesn't look easy anymore since any mistake will affect on the movies show. Therefore I believe this project requires more observation. In this workshop our group tried to see how the employees who are working in this field get their training. In this paper I will mention these employees by their names who work as projectionists.
Before discussing the actual details of the training program that the projectionists will go through, the theories of training need to be discussed so that a proper comprehension of the case can be presented.
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