describe the different perspectives used to explain the process of childrens development,to what extent can child development be seen as a natural process

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In the recent past, there have been increasing sociological and anthropological interest in studying childhood. This study was inspired by James and Prout and has developed to be an area of interest for many people. This study has been promoted by the seemingly different values and roles that have been employed in rearing of children in different societies.


In a historical and biological perspective, motherhood has played a crucial role in mapping of childhood. It is normal for mothers to turn hostile in a bid to protect their loved ones. It is argued that the discovery of motherhood in the recent past has done greatly to improve the life of children and has also contributed greatly to the end of the stealing of children as was witnessed in some societies in the last centuries.
Child development refers to growth aspects of children which can be in aspects of biological and physiological. There are many factors that denote this development primarily being evidenced in increasing autonomy of children. Childhood development is witnessed in various stages of growth from newborn to infants to toddler to preschool to school aged and it is concluded by adolescent stage. Childhood development is marked in different milestones which can be defined as specific physical and mental abilities which correspond to various stages of development. (Hixson, 2004)
Childhood development id expressed in development milestones which appears in the first five years of life. Childhood development is represented in some perspectives which are used as marks of the milestone. ...
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