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US buildings consume about 36% of the country's energy bill amounting to nearly USD 200 billion. There are two ways of reducing the cost of the energy spent on the buildings; one, by ensuring that the energy is reasonably and optimally used; two, by using renewable energy sources, the total cost on the energy bill could be brought down…

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Depending upon the location, the nature of the building, residential or commercial, renewable energy sources of appropriate origin can be employed (EERE, 2005).
One of the major reasons for power consumption in buildings is for heating and cooling the buildings (EST, 2006). This consumes almost 42% of the energy consumed by the entire building. If this could be brought under the energy optimisation and under renewable energy portfolio, it could result in immense savings for the buildings. A solar powered energy source is one of the renewable sources that are adopted. Solar energy is a constant and free for use source that is available during the day time and has to be stored to make use of during the night. This is accomplished using two methods of solar energy tapping. One, solar energy is trapped as heat and is used to heat the house or building and it is insulated in such a way that it continues to maintain the warmth in the house through out the day and the night. Secondly, solar energy is also converted into electric energy using the solar photo voltaic cells. This gets saved in the batteries are is directly employed to run the equipments for heating and cooling like the HVAC systems in association with the regular power supply.
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