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Emphysema happens mostly in patients with reduced alpha 1- anti-trypsin (A1AT) levels. Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency (A1AD) destroys alveolar tissues. Smoking reduces A1AT to greater extend and cause emphysema
People at this stage of life are recovering from middle adulthood and experience Despair versus Integrity. The basic strength at this age is wisdom. Those who lived up to their dreams in life usually enjoy good memories and this is what is identified as integrity.
Having failed to achieve better life and bearing in mind the situation of the patient's aliments, the patient is not able to find her true self to develop her personal ego as expected of her age. She may not develop wisdom
This is evidenced by the patient's ailments which appear like co morbidity of several disease conditions or a cascade of ailments. she had suffered osteoporosis for 8 years, emphysema for 12 years, hyperlipidemia for 5 years and hypertension for 15 years
keeping pain diary to assist in identification of irritating and ease factors on pain, assisted the patient in selecting best management strategy and acknowledge and recognize patients past experience (Green 2007)
Aggrenox one (200mg) tablet twice a day, Coreg 3.125 mg per oral administration twice a day and Cozaar 50mg per oral administration everyday to reduce high blood pressure. ...
Open (bronchial ventilation) by suction or giving medication that reduce secretions, acid base management techniques and use of medication.

keeping pain diary to assist in identification of irritating and ease factors on pain, assisted the patient in selecting best management strategy and acknowledge and recognize patients past experience (Green 2007)

Aggrenox one (200mg) tablet twice a day, Coreg 3.125 mg per oral administration twice a day and Cozaar 50mg per oral administration everyday to reduce high blood pressure. Administer Acetaminophen 650mg six hours interval to relive mild pain and reduce fever. Ipratropium Bromide two puffs twice a day to reduce allergic reactions and secretions as well as for brocho-dilatation

3. The patient to be put on a steady diet with more calcium and vitamin D and also carry out exercises to strengthen the back. Referred the patient to osteoporosis support.

Functional Health Patterns
Nursing Diagnosis
The patient has intermittent sleep patterns only able to tolerate with HOB up in high fowler position.
The patient has suffered osteoporosis for the past 8 years, multiple admission for pneumonia. Osteoporosis causes a lot of skeleton-muscular pain because the bones gradually weaken and any slight strain on the body structure is very painful(Green 2007)
The functional health patterns are identified as;

1. Sleep-Rest Patterns

2. Sensory Perception Patterns

Psychological Nursing diagnosis
the patient experienced stress and anxiety

Physiological Nursing Diagnosis
The patient experienced disturbed sleeping patterns and Ineffective airway clearance

In relation to

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For a normal healthy person, the air-sacs are surrounded by blood capillaries where oxygen is absorbed into the blood. Toxicants like cigarette smoke getting into the lungs are trapped and cause localized inflammation that can eventually result in alveolar septum disintegrating (septal rapture) and deformation of structure of the lungs…
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According to Sirduso and MacRae (2005: 4), “the term aging refers to a process or group of processes occurring in living organisms that with the passage of time lead to a loss of adaptability, functional impairment, and eventual death” . The effects of aging on the human body can create a great number of consequences for the individual who experiences the changes and deteriorations of their body.
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In most cases, osteoporosis begins to develop early in life but is often diagnosed in old people especially women. Bone formation and firming up occurs before one reaches the age of 25 and requires large intake of calcium. After this age, people with reduced bone mass have the risk of developing Osteoporosis.
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Partner/ Risk Reduction with Nursing Diagnosis
In words by Prochaska & Velicer (2004) partner health promotion requires a great depth of understanding on the health status of another person to consider their medical recommendations. In partner health promotion, there are special recommendations from general health perspectives aimed at improving the health conditions of people based on their lifestyles.
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Emphysema lung disease
The most common cause of emphysema is cigarette smoking. The cigarette smoke from the cigarette destroys lung tissue, cause inflammation and irritation of the airways. Cigarette smoke affects the immune cells in the lungs which clear mucus and other secretions.
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Under normal conditions, the bone is comprised of protein collagen and calcium ("MedicineNet"). For a healthy adult, bone is continually absorbed by and rebuilt into the body. Bones become larger and heavier as new bone tissue is added faster that existing bone is absorbed.
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Nursing Diagnosis
This produces an increased luminal fluid content that cannot be adequately reabsorbed, leading to dehydration and the loss of electrolytes and nutrients. The Rationale: Because of knowledge deficit acute gastroenteritis is not being handled properly. When a child has a diarrhea as a result of gastroenteritis parents tend to reduce the amount of milk and food intake.
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Several adjacent alveoli will rupture, forming one large air sac that is less able to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide than a series of smaller sacs. Often this is because of the harmful chemicals present in cigarette smoke that pass through the walls of the
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Osteoporosis: Demographic Factors

Experts have specified that number of older people suffering from osteoporosis will continue to increase with increment in world population. Eighty percent of abovementioned sufferers are women, and particularly women older than fifty years of age. Besides different risk factors, ethnicity plays a significant role in the development of osteoporosis.

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ganization as one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality of populations, specifically of those who are over 40 years of age (“Chronic Respiratory Diseases,” n.d., p. 22); and emphysema is one of these. According to the records of the Center for Disease Control and
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Osteoporosis drugs
tomer’s attention to the specific element calcium, vitamin D and the drug, biphosphonate, popularly known to be prescribed to osteoporosis patients. Nowadays, osteoporosis is one of the common problems not only of women but men as well so the drug is potentially important in
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