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Identity and Language

(Public and Private Language 1982).
The relationship between identity and belonging is beautifully explained by Rodriguez in "Public and Private Language. As a bilingual person, he explains the difference between the private and the public spheres focusing on the role of language to produce an identity, which promotes public access to schooling, jobs and society. However, he underscores the importance of having a private individuality, which is designated by the use of native language at home. Since private language is something that his whole family understands and a way by which the entire family communicates, it becomes the family identity.
Being able to speak a public language enables the person to communicate his thoughts to another person. It gives the person the power to express himself more effectively and interact with the whole society. It is imperative therefore, to not insulate oneself in that single familial language. As Rodriguez noted, the lack of the capability to express one-self and to assert one's thought in the public language makes a person shy, silent and scared to be laugh at or be considered as a fool. It therefore takes away some access to public societies such as making friends, engaging in civic groups. ...
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Belong" means far more than fitting into a crowd. Belonging is the feeling that a person feels when they realize that they have made the right fit. This can apply to any circumstance whether it be a class or specific situation. The need to feel comfortable is innate…
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