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Agile and Virtual Organizations - Essay Example


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Agile and Virtual Organizations

Starting off it is imperative that one defines what is exactly meant by an agile and virtual organization, an agile and virtual organization is one that creates a virtual network of companies and identifies the core profitability processes for the organization and builds its virtual network around that core business process in order to earn high profits. Outsourcing means that a company gives another company the task of handling some module of their business process but this does not go without gaining some control over the company to which the contract has been given out to , where as in strategic business alliances two or more than two firms form a 'team' in which they concentrate on what each does best and hence end up creating value for the customers. There are a numerous advantages of such alliances and outsourcing activities. A boundary less organization means that an organization is boundary less on basically 4 major fronts4) External Interface Boundaries- how easily can people outside the company interact with the company and the rules and regulations defining how the employees of the company will interact with the people outside the company, be it customers, suppliers or even the competitors of the company.The company that seems to best fit in the above mentioned description is the giant in the cellular phone world i.e. Nokia. Nokia has been a company that qualifies as a truly virtual and agile company because it has a truly global reach with its services being provided all over

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Agile Software Development

According to the study conducted, agile software development is considered the most effective approach to the development of software systems for individuals and organization. This approach applies the iterative and incremental approaches within its methodologies to ensure high quality, functional and quickly delivered software.

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Agile software & adapting agile practices
Implementation of the new organizational structure is very essential for the company for successful project management. The vital requirement for the process is analysis of its performance and risk. But the implementation of the software is not an easy task for the company as it incurs a huge risk for the firm to maintain its different activities and practices of the firm.
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Agile Software Development Methodologies
Traditional techniques to software development do not allow software developers to change requirements or design during the software development life cycle. It is an admitted fact; change is inevitable to the software project. Therefore, in order to deal with this issue of traditional project development methodology, a new software development methodology was introduced that is known as agile software development methodology.
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Agile versus Waterfall
It tells project management team what tasks they need to perform at certain level/stage of project life cycle (Hughes & Cotterell, 2002). In addition, there are many project management approaches that are used in different project scenarios. Every project management approach has similar stages but they are completed in different ways.
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Technology and virtual team
Various entrepreneurs have adopted various business strategies to magnify their profits and market share in the modern world. The adoption of the virtual team is a strategy that has been adopted by the modern world businesses. Virtual team is a group of individuals who are working across boundaries, organizations linked by the internet.
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Virtual Organizations
Isn't it amazing that you will have a virtual currency and you might buy something from this currency Gradually this concept keeps on growing and became "Virtual world". Normally we call internet a virtual world. Now some people get together and start running an organization on internet which does not exist really and had no central point and such organization is called "Virtual Organization".
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Agile software development
Most organizations currently use the Agile and Waterfall software in their operations. There have been mixed reactions as concerns the superiority of the two software methodologies. However, both have their own pros and cons and have different features that
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Distributed agile software development
1213-1221). These include large geographical distance differences in culture and the different time zones. Additionally, the use of agile practices for distributed development is increasingly gaining momentum in various
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Developing a More Agile Approach
It is difficult to execute the agile approach in businesses that are not related with software products because they are not directly aligned with the approach (Developing an Agile Company Culture, 2013). For
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Agile Port System
Service delivery must be exceptionally fast to improve berth performance and a turnaround time, which helps ports cope with vessel and truck arrival. It is essential that they consider a cost-service ratio at landside and waterside in the change of business practices and ensure that they pre-plan and access sufficient information in advance.
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the world and innovatory products being introduced all around the world at the same time, for a company to fit this profile it has to be virtual and agile.


Starting off it is imperative that one defines what is exactly meant by an agile and virtual organization,an agile and virtual organization is one that creates a virtual network of companies and identifies the core profitability processes for the organization …
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Agile and Virtual Organizations essay example
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