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Latin Christendom - Essay Example

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The Aryan forces that were extremely powerful earlier did not remain so in the seventh and eight century with the far reaching power of the Mongols. Other than the shrunk Byzantine Empire in Asia Minor, Aryan dominance was only concentrated on Constantinople…

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Latin Christendom

"When Charlemagne sought to revive the empire, it was merely the Latin end of the empire he revived. It was natural that a sense of rivalry between Latin Empire and Greek Empire should develop very readily. And still more readily did the rivalry of Greek-speaking Christianity and the newer Latin-speaking version develop" says Wells (1922, p.45). His rule was the time when State had the utmost supremacy and after his death, State power receded to the background and papacy became more important during years of Latin Christendom. It was a Latin speaking world and the States resented the enormous power wielded by the Church. By then, the Romans have become Christians and they could not abide with the papal power. Christianity started with the high principles of brotherhood and tolerance, but with the high individuality cherished by Romans, Church found it necessary to have effective control.
" Christianity did cherish the principle of toleration and abandoned it only reluctantly as the need of maintaining social, and even political cohesion among Romans made centralization and authority unavoidable," Pickman (1937, p.17).
On the other hand Byzantine Empire was the Greek speaking Roman Empire and under emperors like Constantine, it was a raw political power. Even though the emperors were totally in control, this did not rule out acute rivalry and existence of contenders to power. ...
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