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Course exercise: Smart Car

In fact, the use of plastics for automotive applications has risen from about 27 kg per vehicle in 1970 to more than 163 kg in 1999. According to some 1999 European research studies, using 100 kg of plastic material in modern cars replaces between 200 and 300 kg of other materials. This, in turn, reduces fuel consumption by 750 liters over the 150,000 kilometers life span of the average car.(Plastics,1999) Plastic technology with advances in polymers is not only increasingly established in automobile industry but also is going to be the basis of product improvement in days to come. Futuristic cars, which are environment friendly, would need to be light in bulk so as to result in fuel saving and to shift to other energy substitutes which can support vehicles light on bulk. DaimlerChrysler, parent of Mercedes, is itself listing such alternative energy technologies as F-cell, Hydrogen, Renewable energy and Sun Diesel etc.Then MCC has the unenviable brand support from Swatch and it would be ideally placed to get about another marketing ingenuity by positioning smart cars along side ultra popular Swatch and derive advantage out of the goodwill in watch operations highlighting in the same breath the superiority of their plastic technology and product features of smart car.
Hayek, the Swatch pioneer and collaborator of Mercedes in MCC Smart , helped ap ...
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MCC SMART (Micro Compact Car) was established in April 1994 by the Mercedes and Swatch association. The main idea was to create an urban, simple, environment-friendly and inexpensive car for the new century. The name SMART is a combination of Swatch, Mercedes and art…
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