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Explain what is meant by the 'Biopsychosocial' perspective. Show how this perspective is important in our understanding of psychological disorders. - Essay Example

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Explain what is meant by the 'Biopsychosocial' perspective. Show how this perspective is important in our understanding of psychological disorders.

The main aim is to define what is meant by BPS and how it is applied in the treatment of psychological disorders. To achieve this, I will be analyzing a disorder through the lens of BPS. The aim is not so much in determining the treatment of the disorder but to make the reader appreciate the use of BPS.
The biopsychosocial (BPS) model in healthcare stresses the need for approaching illnesses and disorders holistically. Usually, medical professionals would usually limit themselves to understanding illnesses thru the lens of science especially that of biology. The model considers the health and disorders of human beings as the result not only of biological failure or invasion but also of psychological and social environment by which he is immersed. In treating disorders, beliefs, thoughts and emotions must also be taken into account.
We can think of the human physiological systems including our genes to be rather open and flexible systems which respond to the demands place upon them as opposed to the encapsulated system view that is so pervasive in our society. BPS relies on the assumption that biological disorders could lead to psychological disorders. This is further amplified by social factors such as inappropriate environment and undesirable social interactions. The overall result is a dysfunctional and painful state of mind (Kirkpatrick, 1990).
A biopsychosocial perspective in the treatment of alcoholism in wom ...
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The treatment of psychological disorders has been evolving in the course of time. From incantations to wizardry to a more scientific approach, the field has evolved to incorporate a deeper understanding of the human mind and the way biological, psychological and social factors come into play…
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