Civil Engineering Dissertation(2nd Year Dissertation,Undergraduate)

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In the design, I am going to implement high and low roads. In doing so, I will discuss why this would impact the design and how to implement designs that are sound structurally. speaking. In developing high and low roads, the civil engineer must take into consideration the development of the region too surrounding the roads (Priniciples, n.d).


For instance, whether these roads are suitable for pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and heavy duty trucks. "Public transit, sidewalks, and bicycle facilities require routine consideration as part of the transportation infrastructure. Transit service works best when it is considered as an integral part of roadway design, development, and urban revitalization. Furthermore, the success of the transit service is directly tied to accomodation of the pedestrian. Pedestrian phases at busy intersections provide additional protection. Separate bicycle stop lines at intersections increase visibility and give cyclists a chance to pull away ahead of turning vehicles ("Principles, n.d.)." Additionally, cities should take into account when investing money into roads that address the diversity of the population that is going to use those roads such as poor people, and households that do not own cars ("Principles, n.d.). Hence high and low road designs must "meet multiple objectives which are as follows: improving highways for their traffic movement, linking transporation investments to land use planning (n.d).
In designing high and low roads then it must be essentially a factor as to what sorts of people it would benefit by using these roads -some people who are regulars who are using these roads to go to work, and kids riding the school bus to get to class everyd ...
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