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Plato and Aristotle both talk about similar concepts when they describe knowledge. However they look at it from two opposing angles altogether. The same shall be discussed hereunder.
In simple words, Aristotle focuses of smaller elements as being integral to the concept of knowledge, while Plato believes that universal concepts are the key to the essence of knowledge. Determining this difference is vital.
Plato was of the opinion that belief is to be separated from knowledge on account of its justification. Beliefs, he elucidated, can be there without adequate inquiry or scrutiny into a particular matter. However, the knowledge acquired has to be based upon rationalistic ideas, that are guarded by logic and understanding. This is what would make the same knowledge acceptable to many people at the same time, whilst a belief may well hold true for just a singular person amongst all humanity.
Aristotle on the contrary believed that knowledge lies in the understand of smaller factors, which will gradually all add up to join the jigsaw puzzle, and show us the bigger picture. He claimed that by knowing the essence of fundamental principles, one would be able to make sense of what is going on the bigger canvas. ...Show more


The issue of knowledge is an issue that has never really been understood to its fullest since man has learnt to think. Over the millennia, writers and philosophers of every time have attempted to answer this question, and despite the magnificent attempts at its answer, no final word is available to mankind…
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