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Essay example - Relating the Age factor to Rheumatic Fever and Sickle Cell

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In recent times researchers have become extremely concerned about a subject that has attracted little attention over the years. The interest of this study is to seek to establish the relationship that connects all aspects rheumatic fever and sickle cell.
The reasons are obvious, in view of the fact that sharing similarities in genetic make up, the twin diseases may have a pathological line of symmetry…

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The thrust of this study is therefore seeking among other things to engender massive interest in this apparently hitherto unexplored area.
The proposal for this research begins with a thorough review of research on sickle with particular reference to its relationship with rheumatic fever. A quick skim through the most authoritative works conducted on the subject has produced a series of disconnected mixed conclusions. In many ways the main thrust of all the literature thus reviewed thus shows the interconnectivity of these twin diseases as physical disabling ailments (Todd, 1996, Brees & Bellows, 1953, Platt et la 1994). Research has identified though at a very primitive level that mortality arising from the complications of both sickle cell and rheumatic fever have a sensitive demographic outline (Todd 1996, Siegel et la 1961, Carpetis & Currie 2001, Aldrich & Nagel 1998).
Taking cognizance of the findings generated from the empirical studies and the analysis thereof in the series of reviews, there is an increasing rising evident base to prove a significant relationship between an individual's genetic make up and measures of well-being. An apparently unresolved complication resulting from the lack of concluding tentative description of how these are interconnected beyond the primary level. ...
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