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Grace and Love in 'The Courtier' by Baldassare Castiglione

In a sense, Castiglione wants to present them as ideal types, as the "onorati esempi di virt" ( IV, 2, 448: "honored models of worthiness"[287]) as can be read from his prologues.
"When lord Guidobaldo di Montefeltro, duke of Urbino, passed from this life, I together with several other knights who had served him remained in the service of duke Francesco Maria della Rovere, heir and successor to Guidobaldo's state; and as in my mind there remained fresh the odor of duke Guido's virtues and the satisfaction which I in those years had felt from the loving company of such excellent persons, as then frequented the court of Urbino".
Castiglione's goal in his work was to set his statements of praise for Urbino and its inhabitants in general and conventional terms. He did not cite the military exploits or civic triumphs of a character he praises, instead, he celebrates all of them for their virt, (virtue) their ingegno, (ingenuity) their ottime qualit (high dignity).
Castiliogne pursues the elevation of Urbino's image to an exemplary moral excellence and its value for posterity. In his first two prologues, Castiglione highlights the superiority of Urbino's inhabitants. ...
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TOPIC: Compare the conception of grace and love in 'The Courtier' by Baldassare Castiglione From Norton Anthology of English literature vol. 1 8th edition with Christian conceptions). What are the links between manners and morals in Castiglione conception of courtesy
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