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Alexander Hamiltons The Federalist, No. 15

Each side would feel a certain way, in terms of how the system of government should be handled and what its role would need to be.
Making the argument in favor of the constitution and what it meant, would be Alexander Hamilton. The key to convincing the general populous, remains the dedication to the core argument within the issue and for Hamilton, he would seek to do just that. Hamilton would seek to make his case, through the creation of his work commonly referred to as the Federalist Papers. As for the work itself, "The Federalist Papers, originally written as a series of newspaper editorials intended to persuade New York to ratify the Constitution, remains the most valuable exposition of the political theory underlying the Constitution," (Hamilton, p.60). In order for something to be agreed to, it must first be understood.
The impact of Alexander Hamilton's work would be the ability to clearly define the core issue at the center of document itself. To make known the very thing that would ultimately have lead to the document's creation. First and foremost, Hamilton would make the argument that, in order to maintain a sense of organization within the nation, there must be some form a of guiding force that would keep everything, as well as everyone, together and in working order. ...
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In order to better understand the system of government that impacts all citizens, it remains beneficial to give closer consideration, to those involved with the formation of it. Every individual may find themselves guided by the best of intentions and the ability to interpret things in their own way, through experience and general understanding…
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