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Data Requirements Strategic Supply Chain Management

With these essential elements of the production process in the manufacturing of goods, the parts should be recorded in terms of the descriptions, brand and any other associated data.
For instance, the term "bill of materials" may be used by various parts of the enterprise such as engineering, manufacturing, service and sales; although they may all have different definitions of what the bill of materials actually means. Even the basic terms "product" and "parts" may have several definitions within an enterprise.
Since a manufacturing company makes use of numerous parts, inventory will help them with communicating clearly with other departments as to which parts are still needed or which have defects and have to be replaced, etc.
An effective manufacturing product data model can lead to more integrated and comprehensive product data and information by clearly showing the information requirements of the products, parts and items throughout their life cycle from engineering to manufacturing to the deployment of products at customer locations.
Relevant data which may be included in the record are the part identification number, name, and classification which may range from raw material, subassembly or fini ...
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Manufacturing and customer service have different data requirements. Manufacturing involves several aspects which includes industrial design, enginerring processes, electronic manufacturing and even handicraft production.
Business includes the activities of those engaged in the manufacturing, purchasing and selling of commodities, including their related financial transactions…
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