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Selecting Forensic Tools

ion/attack. It is, hence, computer detective work.
The importance of computer forensic technologies to the securitization of information and for the detection of the source of cyber crimes, manifest in the unauthorized retrieval of data, cannot be overemphasized. As both Stephenson (1999) and Carrier (2004) emphasize, organizations which do not have a digital forensics system in place are inexcusably careless and irresponsible. The implication here is that organizations which handle sensitive data, especially data which the law holds as confidential and private such as patient information, will have a digital forensics system in place. This was confirmed by our organization's IT Director who explained that a digital forensics analysis system was implemented over two years ago. ...
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The growing indispensability of computer and internet technologies to the storage, retrieval, communication and analysis of information data has made the adoption of data security technologies an imperative. Most, possibly all, organisation which handle sensitive data have security technologies which are designed to pre-empt and prevent unauthorized intrusion but there is no fool-proof preventative strategy…
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