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symbolic interaction

One should watch carefully and correlate it with the findings of earlier studies. Then it'll be possible to reach in new conclusions. For reaching the next stage the same exercise is to be repeated. In short, both reading and observation are inevitable in understanding mind. Discussions and meetings with experts in this field too will be of very great help as its common to all other studies.
I've tried to explain much of my ideas on mind in the work "Mind, Self and Society". It may be helpful to get a basic idea about the role of mind in human life. In my view, an individual starts his understanding of the society of which he's a part, through "play" and "game". As far as a child is concerned everything it sees and experiences in the world from the time of birth onwards is new and afresh. When we think of a child's stages of development, first and foremost is nothing but "play". In a way, in almost all "plays" the child is trying is to imitate the "adults" in the society. For example, when it plays "Cops and Robbers" the child takes the role of both policeman and robber alternatively. Through this it understands the role of both cops and robbers in society. This in turn helps it to understand basically that man will have to play different roles in life. The child also understands the reason for different persons doing different jobs. "Game" helps child entirely in a different way. ...
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From the very early days of education onwards I was very much fascinated by the highly unseen features of human mind. Studies of course, there are many. Many branches of social science try to learn mind. No doubt, they got enough new information and startling facts regarding the business going on in it…
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