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Marketing Planning: Marketing Plan Creating

Generally, an organisation adopts a structure that involves strategic business units does so to avoid the inefficiencies and inadequacies in the cumbersome process that administrating single strategic approach based large diversified organizations or multinational companies (Bnet, 2008). The Strategic Business Units are characteristically large and homogeneous, in a way such that, they can exert control over a majority of the factors influencing their performance. Distinct business strategies are developed for these units, since these units are modelled as separate and self reliant planning entities and managed accordingly. To elaborate on this, it may be stated that each SBU individually has its own competitors, business strategies and goals, which are independent of the strategies of the parent company. ...
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1. Marketing Planning is most easily definable as the comprehensive, aggregative and integrated procedure of creating a marketing plan. In order to do so, all strategic components of the process inclusive of environmental factors, the markets, rivals, corporate objectives particularly as narrated in mission statements, a careful examination of all strategic issues, including the business environment, the markets themselves, as well as abilities and capacities all have to be critically examined…
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