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Government Administration in the Political System - Essay Example

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I wanted to select a program that would reflect the social needs, improvements and subsequently achievements. A program in education or health would be appropriate and would fit into my requirement. In line with this, I selected the No Child Left Behind program by the US Federal Government…

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Government Administration in the Political System

This is also applicable to all strata in the society; the rich and the poor; to all ethnic demarcations in the society as well. Every one of them has to send their children to the school.
The promotion that the federal government has to carry out needs to reach every one of the ethnic minorities in the country, as well as, make sure that the government has a public school in every corner of the country. The number of students in the school may not be deciding factor but the presence of a school in every locality will be. This program was found to be the one that should be cleverly planned, closed executed and also should be followed up strongly. Otherwise, all the good work done will become a wasteful expenditure to the society. In addition to this, the impact on the society by such a program will be tremendous and awe inspiring. Therefore, this program was chosen for the analysis.
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was signed by President Bush On Jan 8, 2002. The basic principle of this Act was made brief by the President in his bill introduction speech in the Congress. This bill, according to him, was to make sure that "all the students will have a better chance to learn, to excel and to live out their dreams". ...
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