Cultural Homogenisation

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This paper will look at the concept of cultural homogenization and how it has been achieved in the world. It will specifically look at how global tourism and the hospitality industry have helped the world to achieve a homogenized culture through experiences of different cultures of the world.


Cultural homogenization has resulted due to the mix up cultures where there has been development one culture in the world. It is one of the effects of increased globalization of culture. Cultural homogenization defines the aspect of achieving one culture which is used to as a bench of all other cultures in the world.
As the wave of globalization takes on the world, there has been increased mix up of people and in the same way mix up of culture. One of the areas in which people have interacted most is in the area of tourism and hospitality industry. Global tourism has been on the rise in the recent past which has seen the growth of the industry by large margins. Global tourism refers to the aspect of people visiting foreign countries for leisure, business or for other purposes. Most of the people participating in global tourism have been doing so for holidays although in the recent past there has been increased global tourism for other purposes like medical tourism, cultural tourism, business tourism, and others. Hospitality industry has been one of the areas that have enabled global tourism to grow at such rate. Hospitality industry is mainly engaged in provision of service to those who are not in their homes which defined in the context of tourism will mean those who are touring other areas away from their homes. ...
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