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Employee Satisfaction - Essay Example

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Employee satisfaction is the positive feeling that employees have toward their job, colleagues and companies. Satisfied employees are unlikely to indulge in unionization activities such as go slows and strikes, job withdrawal (staff turn over) and work withdrawal (absenteeism)…

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Employee Satisfaction

Promotion should purely be merit based so that everyone in the organization gets an opportunity to move up the ranks. Also, in the event of job openings, it is advisable to first try and hire from within. This not only saves costs on training but also in a great platform for employee stimulation. It is important for the employees to be challenged to a reasonable level so as to encourage them to be interested in their job, thus, it is likely that the productivity levels will remain high. Motivation is key to increasing the productivity of a workforce. Compliments, for example, are excellent motivators. Satisfied employees are aware that they are appreciated as they constantly receive positive feedback from their superiors. High employee satisfaction levels are directly linked to employee productivity and employee retention as satisfied employees are more productive and loyal to their organization that their unsatisfied counterparts. An employer who understands what motivates his staff has definite control over his staff.
The article "dispelling the modern myth: Employee satisfaction and loyalty drive service profitability" gives a report on research findings on operation management, service management, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Human Resource Management. ...
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