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Essay example - Sustainability in civil engineering

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Before we talk about Sustainability in Civil Engineering we should have a clear picture of what sustainability actually means. Sustainability in a very simple terms can be defined as, the ability to meet our current needs or objectives completely, without overlooking or compromising on the ability of the future world to meet theirs…

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Sustainability in civil engineering would therefore mean to have balance between these three objectives, both now and into the future.
Let us take an example of the Three Gorges Dam project in China, which clearly illustrates that, lack of sustainability in Civil engineering projects could undoubtedly cause serious social and environmental issues. The proposal for a dam on the Yangtze, the world's third largest river, took shape Eighty years ago and since then it had been in the plans of the Government of China. The Three Gorges dam which in under construction currently is expected to be completed by the year 2009. Upon its completion the dam will be around 600 feet high, 1.5 miles long, and will form a reservoir which is 400 mile long, in the middle section of the Yangtze River. This is supposed to be the largest dam project in the world. This project is expected to meet four important objectives, Flood control, Generation of Power, Improved navigation on the Yangtze River and Fresh water accessibility. The reports released by the Chinese government and the concerned contractors of the Three Gorges Dam do not emphasize on the negative impacts caused by this project on the environment, atmosphere and social life. ...
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